Huge windows and stylish design: an impressive home for a family of the designer in Los Angeles

Mandeville Canyon House

Designer Ron Redziner created for his family a house in Los Angeles. Which at the same time, it became a stylish project and an ideal place for a family vacation. The gray geometric facade contrasts with lush California vegetation. And the rooms are flooded with light thanks to the huge windows. In summer, the family spends all the time on the patio and by the pool.

And on cold days, the family gathers around a large table, warming themselves by the fireplace or playing billiards. Stylish interiors are rarely suitable for family life. Because in a house with children the main thing is that everything is practical. But here the style does not interfere with the comfort of home!

Starting Point

Marmol Radziner Mandeville Canyon

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bathroom Marmol Radziner Mandeville Canyon

living roomMarmol Radziner Mandeville Canyon

Marmol Radziner Mandeville Canyon recreational room

Ron Radziner designing this house for him, his wife, and his children, Asher and Lexi. Taken on a wooded plot in Mandeville Canyon (Los Angeles). It relies on the simplicity of lines, clarity of materials and harmony with nature. It is a familiar restoration of important modern style homes and contemporary creations.

The site is clearly different from the relatively urban neighborhoods in Venice (California). They could ride bikes to most places. But the way to Asher and Lexi’s school was too long and exhausting. Life in the canyon is definitely a change, it’s like living in a park.

The Sycamores throughout the property, create a bucolic experience. Embedding the house inside the place was like deciphering a puzzle. The house design as a series of sliding planes and rectangular volumes that stop and begin to fit between the trees. They also explore the idea of making a house with dark materials.

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Custom Perfection

Mandeville Canyon House Mandeville Canyon House

Mandeville Canyon House Master Bedroom
Mandeville Canyon House

Mandeville Canyon House livingroom Mandeville Canyon House Mandeville Canyon House kitchen

The slight imperfections of the handmade bricks in Denmark in a dark gray color of the ground floor anchor the house to the ground. Meanwhile, on the upper floor, a tense and rectangular composition of zinc panels and glass walls make it seem that the whole floats. The interior walls are covered with various forms of sawed oak and covered with cracks and a slightly sandy plaster that acquires a velvety appearance when it catches the light. “I love the experience of going from relatively dark spaces to rooms flooded with light, the entrance, for example, is a bit cloistered, but then you go out to the bright opening of the living-dining-kitchen area. trees and light.

“We spend as much time outside as there is in. It’s hotter here than in Venice, so that helps,” Cottle says, referring to the beloved coastal community that she and Radziner abandoned long ago due to traffic. When asked if they plan to return once Asher and Lexi have left for college, the couple disagrees. “We’re definitely thinking about that,” says Radziner. “But we love being here … for now.”

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