7 Principles of making Minimalist living room

Minimalist Living Room
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Minimalist living room is the choice of many people today because of the limited area of the house and also to be more comfortable and neat to look at and easy to clean the room because there are not too many stuff in it.

Before you make a minimalist living room, you have to learn the 7 principles of making living room below. Let’s check this out.

An essential piece of furniture

You can start to make your minimalist living room with choosing a stand out piece of furniture, Then you can place plants, arts, lamps, or other to make it shine and be a center of attention.

You don’t have to be afraid that it can break your minimalism concept for your living room. You just need to make sure that the stand out piece of furniture that you choose is still connected to the principle form and the function of the minimalist living room that you want

Add some contrast element

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Just mix up your neutral color of the wall of your living room with an element that which has contrasting color like painting, the furniture, or feature wall. Its one of the great way to make a good attention to the guest that visit our living room

Stay simple with don’t put too many furniture

Based on the minimalist concept, we all agree that simplicity is a must for this minimalist concept. So don’t force to put any kind of furniture and ornament to your living room.

Just put the proper and needed furniture or stuff for your living room. A simple living can reflect the neat and make the room look larger.

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Show the great view

If you have a great view outside your home, just show it by place a big window at living rooom. So we can enjoy the view and make the living room looks larger and more alive.

You can also place some plant to get some fresh air in your living room

Make a plenty of open space

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The purpose of minimalist concept of living room is make your room looks larger but simple. So, let some space n your living keep open and not fill it with some furniture.

Choose various materials

A minimalis design is doesn’t meant that we can only use one materials. You can choose and combine a various materials to get the form and function of minimalist concept.

 High quality fixtures

Minimalist interior design is not meant that we can’t buy a hogh quality fixture, We can buy some high quality fixtures like marble tile or high grade storage unit to make the living room looks simple but luxurious and interested.

So this is the principle of making a minimalist living room. You can use it as your reference if you want to make a minimalist living room.

But beside of all, the one thing that we have to assure is comfortable. Make sure that everyone is comfortable when they are in our living eoom.

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