6 Tips for Fixing Problems in a Narrow Living Room

Decorating a small room can be overcome using certain methods. For example using multifunctional furniture and utilizing natural lighting. However, decorating narrow spaces is another problem.

There are several problems than can arise because of long and narrow living room. Room arrangement errors can make this narrow space become look more cramped like a hallway or cave.

Below are six tips to fix problems in a narrow living room

Use L-shaped sofa

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L-shaped sofa is very suitable for narrow spaces. You will have enough seats for everyone without taking too much space. Put this sofa in the corner of the room so you will have plenty of empty space on the other side of the room.

Put the furniture in the middle

Your narrow and long room doesn’t have to be fully filled by furniture. You can use only the center of the room to put the furniture. Leave the sides part of the room empty. If you want it to be filled, you can hang a painting or other decoration in the empty sides. Leave the chairs and table in the center of the room.

Use vertical space of pattern

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Similar dressing tricks, vertical patterns can also make a room look taller. This will helps eliminate the cramped impression in narrow spaces. Use vertical patterns on the floor, wallpaper, sofa, or other furniture.

Be efficient and minimalist

For narrow spaces, do not use too many items. Too many furniture will only make the room look narrower. Also use furniture with minimalist design. This trick will make the room look more spacious and elegant.

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Give space for people to walk through

Even though the room is long and narrow, you still have to make room for people to walk through comfortably. Don’t let the person passing the room have to walk zigzagging.

Give some straight empty space walkway so people can pass comfortably. This empty space can also add a broad illusion to narrow spaces.

Divide the space

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A narrow and long space sometimes can make us confused on how to arrange the furniture. One of the easiest methods is by dividing the room into two parts.

Make the larger part of the room into the main living room containing a table, chairs, or television.  Use the smaller part of the room for other functions. For example to put bookshelves, pianos, work desks, decorative cabinets, etc.

To divide the room you don’t have to use cabinets or other tall objects. You can divide it using furniture arrangement or usage of different carpets.

That’s all tips for fixing problems in a narrow living room. Thank you for reading.


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Narrow interior design
Narrow interior design


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