10 Cool Winter Interior Design Ideas

Winter Design

Winter Interior Design Ideas

Winter interior design nowadays does not always scream Christmas season. The current trend of creating winter interior design is that how to make our living warm and comfy since we will stay indoor longer.

Answering this challenge, some experts make some predictions on the new look of winter interior design which is much influenced by this year current trends, as well as those of the coming one. If you look closely at those designs, you will see that there is a significant difference between the old and the new trends. The current winter trends embrace more colors than the common design, including soft and earthy looks.

This article will take you to explore ten coolest winter interior design and décor based on the trends 2018 and 2019. These following design ideas can become one of the inspirations for you to makeover your own.

Redefined Cozy

Redefined Cozy
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The white color is no longer a dominant color in this current winter interior design. Blush pink and sage have become one of trending colors of the year. Coming with gray rug they provide glamour, comfort, and warmth throughout the space.

Floral Motif

Autumn Leaves And Branches Motif
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Rather than only using white color, this bedding chooses floral motifs in lavender and white tones. This charming combination keeps you feel comfortable to spend your bed time in cold night during winter.

Pink Color

Old Fashioned Pink
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Painted in dusty pink color, the wall of this living room significantly brings a warm feel. Along with a red velvet sofa, the warm feeling blends with luxury creating inviting and calming sensations.

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Beauty and Simplicity

Beautiful and Simple Diningroom
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You can feel the natural and simple elements available in this dining room. Those different elements are able to create a beautiful and simple look emphasizing the natural-looking furniture.

Luxury Touch

Warm Family Room
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This family room combines rustic and modern in balance. The luxury materials like brass, marble, and velvet give a modern luxury look. Those materials blend beautifully together to create great decorative details.

Fresh Look

Fresh Looking Diningroom
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Against common winter trend, this dining room applies gold carpet that gives a bright sense to the entire space. Along with the mid-century furniture, this color effectively livens up the dining room with a fresh look and a light feel.

Color Scheme

Blush Pink Bedroom
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Again, dusty pink is able to create a signature warm look to your home. Coming with a similar color scheme, this bedroom applies dusty pink and white in bedding. A rattan basket, a wooden stool, dried twigs in a glass vase, and a hand-knitting blanket mix well to create a perfect sense of winter.

Cozy Winter Bedroom
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Woodland Décor

Dinnerware Collection
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It is a good idea to serve food on a thematic dinnerware collection. Printed with an awesome black and white hare picture, these plates can light up the dinner atmosphere you are going to have with your friends or family.

Winter Leaf Cushion
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These winter leaf-printed throw pillows can be a stunning cool winter décor that you may incorporate with your living room sofa. Coming with a neutral color, these small pillows can easily blend with your furniture.

Navy Blue

Navy Blue Cuttlery Set
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As one of the trending colors of the year, navy blue can be an alternative color for your cutlery set. Along with white dining wares, it can freshen up your dining table.

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