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Industrial Style Design

Inspiring Industrial Style Designs

Stunning Industrial Home Library
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Industrial-style interior design has been a current trend within the last ten years. It identically features raw, incomplete and totally barefaced look which is honest and authentic. We can recognize these features from the exposed material, uniqueness, originality, minimalism, vintage furniture and accessories, as well as lighting.

Having all those traits altogether does not make the industrial style design outdated. Otherwise, this design style attempts to reveal the beauty aspect of the industrial materials through some enhancements.

This article presents various industrial interior designs with its typical look and its enhancement. You can make more improvements as you like if you are interested in trying to apply the industrial style design for your living.

Industrial Style Livingroom

Rustic Industrial Livingroom
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It is a spacious and comfy living room with some industrial style touches. A rustic metal-framed glass coffee table brings a fine uniqueness. Also, the original large pink abstract canvas painting gives a touch of beauty.

Industrial living room

Industrial Livingroom
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The other industrial features found in this space is the use of exposed red bricks with an unfinished look, a metal book shelving, and a square coffee table. A wood flooring along with a vintage red rug strengthens this style design.

Industrial Modern living room

Industrial Modern Livingroom
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Leather armchair and sofa with a metal cocktail table reveal a modern and industrial style blend. Additionally, a metal pendant light becomes one of the industrial style features characterizing this modern industrial living room.

Industrial Style Kitchen

Industrial Kitchen
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It is a perfect blend of modern and industrial styles. The smart industrial style design appears in the exposed red brick accent and the mounted industrial pipe shelves.

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Elegant and larger Looking Industrial Style Kitchen

Elegant And Larger Looking Industrial Style Kitchen
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This is another modern kitchen with an industrial style touch. Two industrial pendant lights, vintage metal stools, and mazes of pipe on the ceiling are those of industrial style features.

Modern Industrial Dining room

Modern Industrial Dining
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This is a stylish and chic dining room with some stunning industrial-style accents. A large rustic dining table with a hydrangea centerpiece and a set of metal dining chairs are unique and welcoming. A pair of crystal-like light pendants with Edison bulb inside and a metal clock hanging on the wall are the other two industrial fixtures.

Modern Industrial Style Home Office

Industrial Home Office
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If you are the one who likes working from home, this industrial style home office can be your alternative design. A vintage chair and a soft gray rug give a modern sense to this workspace. Meanwhile, the industrial style design is available on the industrial style writing desk and console.

Industrial Style Home Office
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A home office does not always need a roomy space in the house. Alternatively, you can still have a nice workspace in the balcony like this if you live in a small apartment. A wood writing desk, a wall mounted industrial pipe shelving, and exposed red bricks are three industrial elements in this simple workspace.

Industrial Style Home Library

This home library looks stunning owing to some industrial hints. This space applies a different floor elevation which is the bookshelves area is placed higher than the reading area. Meanwhile, an industrial flooring tile and a pair of pendant lights with Edison bulbs reveal a vintage feel.

Industrial Home Library
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Masculine Industrial Bedroom

Masculine Industrial Bedroom
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It is a good idea to use a wood accent for the headboard, the sliding door, the end tables. Coming together with a reclaimed wood table, those features reveal a strong masculine look. In addition, a vintage armchair and an industrial ceiling fan define the industrial style design of the bedroom.

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Industrial Style Bathroom

Indaustrial Bathroom
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The feel of industrial style design is quite strong thanks to many features inside this bedroom. A flooring tile, a canvas painting, a square metal framed mirror, lightings, and mazes of pipes are identical with the industrial style design.

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