The Characteristic Of Scandinavian Interior Design

Scandinavia refers to the Scandinavian Peninsula which covers Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Island.  These five countries have an extreme climate of long wintertime.

In the winter the sun hides from month to month. This condition causes the specific regional down to dark with no light and warm.

The residents rely on to firework and electricity power all day long. It’s design to provides a huge natural light by allowing the big open windows.

The Scandinavian architecture settle down in the middle year of 1950.  The design inspires the lifestyle of people from Eastern Europe that clean, simple, beautiful and merges with the natural environment.

Let us have a look the characteristic about Scandinavian interior design.
Big clear windows
Nordic Scandinavian Interior design
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Clear glass windows is aim to let the sun’s light into the house. This is measurement is to save the power of electricity during the day. While the night comes, the clear window can give the effect of clear vision outside. People love to see the scenery outside the house freely.


Most of the Scandinavian design has a plant or flower which growing or plant in pots. This eco-village view gives a natural sigh and provides more oxygen and refresh the room. The option is flowers or molts trees that need a small place to grow.

Wooden floor

This is one the strong characteristic for Scandinavian style. This is kind of an obligation if you would create your house as Scandinavian one; never forget to put this as number one ahead. The flavor of the carpet or ceramic floor subsides.

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Wooden furniture

Just like the floor, almost all furniture is using the wood. This characteristic influenced by the natural surrounding environment. The Scandinavian Peninsula has a huge amount of wood like pines and oak trees. People love working on wood because it provides fun and entertains activities.

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Natural color

For the design of Scandinavian, using the natural color is a must. White, light grey and cream are dominant in the entire house. Sometimes the pattern uses the ornament stripes with no striking color. Prevent using the bright color is useful to allow the room looks huge.

Simple function furniture

The Scandinavian interior design has convinced to provide the free environment for its dwellers. So the simple small and full function of the goods is the best choice. Keep the room large to let the mobility is the priority of this style.

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Woodblock toys

Many Scandinavians have to provide the toys for children to prevent from boring during the inhospitality weather in the wintertime. The main toys they are using wooden block toys. As this utilize natural source availability.

Warm thick clothes

This usage of fluffy wool or fabricant is good in the use of the cold climate on the night time. When people come from outside, they will cover the body with this material. So is to cover the furniture, the thick clothes are the beneficiary option.

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