The Best Space-Saving Design Tricks for Small Homes

Most of people want to live in a big and wide house. However, nowadays it’s hard to find an affordable house with a lot of spaces for furniture. So, that’s make many people choose to live in a smaller house for affordable reason. Below are some design tricks to make your small homes look wider and comfy.

Use bright-colored paint for your walls

First of All, this is a classic idea that will never grow old. Bright walls will make your rooms look more fresh and wider. Use white paints or pastel colors, or combination of both for variation.

Use a wide mirror

Secondly, A reflection of the room from mirror can give a wider impression from the actual. Many restaurants has use this trick. You can also copy this idea for your home. You can use various mirror frames for decoration purpose.

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Use vertically stripped wood floor

Another, A vertical stripped-shirt can make a person look taller and bigger. This is actually the same with the floors. The use of vertically stripped wood floor also can make your room look wider and bigger.

Install big and wide windows

After that, Big and wide windows allow more light enters and illuminates the room. This create a wider impression for your room. Tall windows are also make your room ceiling look taller than the actual.

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Use less interior doors

Another, You still need main door to enter the house, but you can use less interior doors. Instead, use an open space concept for your small house. Without interior doors,  connecting to each other rooms and for wider house.

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Use a minimalist concept

After that, Minimalist is a suitable concept for small homes. Do not use too much decoration or furniture with too much ornaments. They will only make the rooms look smaller and cramped.

Make use of lighting tricks from the lamps

Furthermore, You can’t make your rooms bigger instantly. However, you can make your rooms look more spacious. Use lighting tricks from the lamps. You can put the lamps on the corner of the ceiling to make it look higher. You can also put table lamps on the corner to make bigger room illusion.

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Use multifunction furniture

Next, Multifunction furniture will help you to save space as well as money. Wonderful things happen when you can get several benefits from one thing. You can buy a sofa that can be able to sleep into. You can also find a table that has shelf underneath. Another example are foldable tables and chairs.

Mount your TV to the wall

Finally, Mount your TV to the wall so you can save space by not using a table. This method not only help you to save space but also make your wall look not too plain.

That’s all the best space-saving design tricks for small homes for us. Thank you for reading.


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