The Best Decorating Tips of All Time from the Expert

Decorating home is an activity that will never end. From time to time, we will always want to try something new. Sometimes we want to make small change such as moving the chairs or put new wallpaper. Some of us decorate our rooms for hobby and fun. Here are the best decorating tips of all time from the expert:

Mount your curtains

Hang your curtain several inch above your windows. This tips will help to make your room look bigger and more elegant.

Use things you already have

old clock

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If you are on a tight budget, it doesn’t mean that you can’t decorate your home prettily. You can still make use of things that you already have. For example you can use old bicycle, clocks, or modifying your old clothes for decoration purpose.

Put a tall plant inside
Expert advice

A tall plant can be a good decoration. You can put adenium or indoor palms on an empty space. Indoor plants will make your room look more beautiful. In addition, it can also help improve your health by providing more oxygen and cleaning the air.

Give more natural lights for your rooms

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Natural lights will make your room look wider and prettier. Natural lights also can make your furniture look shinier. Install a large and wide windows and open the curtains from morning until afternoon.

Make a grid to decorate the walls

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When there are an empty space on the wall, hang some interesting frames for decoration. Empty space usually located behind the sofa or bed. Hang several square frames to make a grid. A gird on the walls can make the room look more elegant.

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Pay attention to the cables

A tidy room can look like a mess when the cables are tangled up everywhere. Pay attention to them. Organize your cables neatly. You can invest in some unique cable organizers. Choose colors and design that will suit you room decoration.

Combine white with other colors in one room

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White color will make your room look bigger and brighter, but it can also be too plain. You can mix white with other color such as pastel colors. The color do not have to be in the walls. You can use several colored-furniture to make some accent in your rooms.

Put your unused things in one place

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Do not let your small things straggle everywhere across your room. Buy a cupboard or closed shelves to put you unused things together. It will be better if you can throw some. However, if you can’t throw them, make sure you keep them tidy and hidden.

Let go your imagination

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Too much information and rules sometimes can make you confused. Be bold and have confidence in what you do. You can put anything you want for your rooms. Be creative and don’t hesitate to make changes.

That’s all the decorating tips from the experts that we collected for you. Have fun on decorating you home.


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