10 Gorgeous Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Wide And Tall Look Bathroom
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Bathroom remodel can be a good idea to give a special touch to your house in the coming new year. Bathroom, as one of the private spaces in the house, has a vital role in our daily life. Thus, remodeling it can contribute new spirit to the entire look of the house.

Before starting to remodel the bathroom, you need to determine a particular bathroom design that may be at your interest. You can take one based on your budget.

Many bathroom designs are available in various styles and concepts. This article provides you with ten gorgeous bathroom remodel ideas that may inspire you.

Scandinavian-Style Bathroom

Scandinavian Style Bathroom
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If you like your bathroom simple and functional, this Scandinavian can be your best option. This bathroom looks sophisticated with a white standing soaking tub, a white cabinet, a black and white sink, and black-framed showers and faucets.

Minimalist Rustic Bathroom

Minimalist Bathroom
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This minimalist bathroom looks relaxing due to a rustic touch available in some of its vanities. The combination of white and natural colors creates a certain level of warmth and comfort.

Small Bathroom

Small Bathroom Remodel
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Designing a small yet complete bathroom can be very challenging. This small bathroom provides you with simple and easy-look vanities completed with a built-in storage.

Black and White Masculine Bathroom

Black And White Forever Bathroom
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It is such a cozy private space in the house. This bathroom comes in two-tone colors dominated in white and black. A wood accent then gives it a different touch to make it cool. A different style of wall and flooring tiles results in a dynamic look to this masculine bathroom.

Easy-Clean Bathroom

Easy-Cleaned Bathroom
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Another idea you may take for your bathroom is an easy-clean bathroom. Based on this idea, this bathroom uses a mounted table with a vessel and a square mirror. A simple walk-in shower with a concrete floor helps to create beauty in simplicity.

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Contemporary Bathroom

Minimalist Bathroom Design
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This bathroom looks simply beautiful yet clean owing to the balanced use of white and black colors and the minimum of bathroom appliances. The black-lined glass panel and the entire design create a contemporary look to this bathroom.

Timeless and Luxurious Bathroom

Cozy Relaxing Bathroom
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Black and white can be a perfect duos to create a prominent and timeless scheme when used proportionally. Together with the stunning walk-in shower with eclectic yet elegant industrial shower panels, the perfect duos is able to make this bathroom look luxurious.

Traditional and Modern Blend Bathroom

Traditional And Modern
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This bathroom design comes with a modern touch without leaving its traditional features. The use of seafoam green tile, white marble, wood, and industrial-style metal appliances gives you a calm modern-looking bathroom.

Cool Bathroom

Cool Bathroom
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This bluish bathroom looks so calm and inviting. It can be a perfect haven to spend your time after work. This bathroom features a freestanding soaking tub, a Scandinavian table, bluish flooring tile, and a small walk-in shower in a neutral color. The combination of white and blue tones  along with the fixtures makes this bathroom cool.

Larger-Looking Bathroom

Larger Looking Bathroom
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It is a space saving idea for a small bathroom. It features a compact and modern furniture design, a convenient storage, and functional appliances. Even though this bathroom is small but it looks larger. Also, it can lift up beauty, functionality, and comfort.

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