7 tips to make stunning room in simplicity


Living room  is a place that we can greet our guest who visit our home so that the impression of living room must be made so stunning to make our guest who visit our house feel  comfort and happy.

Here we give you 7 tips to make your living room look so stunning, even if you have a small living room. Let’s find out

Open-plan or no wall concept for your living room

If you have a small space for your living room, you can try the open plan concept to make your living room looks larger. This concept means you can replace your wall in living room with other ornaments or furniture, such as bookshelf as a room divider to make it looks larger.




Place the living room near the window

You can place your living room near the window that faced outside the house. So the sunshine and fresh air can get into our house and it would be better if there is a nice view too.

Combine the lighting and living room with natural color

Re decorate the lighting in your living room can be a good idea to make your living room living room looks stunning. Choose a natural color and matching it with the decoration of your living room to reinforce the color and the theme of your living room.




Combine ethnic and minimalist ornament or furniture

Modern living rooms now are combination of ethnic or traditional with minimalist style. You can put some traditional painting or gives some traditional ornament or furniture to combine with your living room’s minimalist style.

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Don’t put too much ornament or furniture in living room

Put too much ornament or furniture in your living room makes your living room looks so full and not interesting to see. If there’s and unused ornament or the ornament or furniture which not matching with your living room them, you can replace it to other rooms.

Cleaning your living room regularly

The other way to make your living room look stunning is cleaning it regularly. You can start with sweeping the floor, mop it up, and clean the dust on the furniture or ornaments to make the room more stunning.




Arrange or redecorate your living room

Arrange and redecorate your living room at least twice a year to get the new atmosphere of your living room and makes your living room look stunning. You can change the position of the furniture or ornament on living room or you can place the wallpaper in living room if you are bored or have no idea to change the wall color of your living room


So, this is our tips to make your living room more stunning but still looks simple. I hope that this article can be your reference to make your living room looks stunning. Hope it works on you and thank you for reading.

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