11 RV Hacks That Will Make You a Happy Camper

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If you enjoy traveling to many places, you may know the RV (Recreational Vehicle). This vehicle is used by many people when traveling with long distances.

There are so many benefits that can be felt from the presence of RV, one of the benefits is that you can rest while tired.

The thing that becomes a constraint is goods that can be brought into RV is very limited. So, this time we will give the idea to you in order to utilize RV optimally.

Here are 11 RV Hacks that you can try to apply!

RV Hacks 1
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Save space by hanging various body care products.

RV Hacks 2
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Sandals and shoes you can put as above!

We guarantee, sandals and shoes that have become more neat than ever.

RV Hacks 3
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Toothpaste and toothbrushes are things that should not be forgotten when going on a tour. To keep it neat, you can put things in one place as above.

RV Hacks 4
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Take advantage of unused walls to put towels and clothes that are not used.

Towels are indispensable during the trip, so make sure you have clean towels to wear.

RV Hacks 5
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RV Hacks 6
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Storage cabinets can be used well!

Place a spoon of various sizes in the section. Provide information for each size of the spoon to make it easier to find it.

RV Hacks 7
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Unused portion of the fridge!

You can put additional accessories in it so you can store more stuff in the refrigerator.

RV Hacks 8
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Hang additional storage at the bottom of the storage cupboard. You can put various tools such as spoons, plates, and so forth there.

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RV Hacks 9
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Don’t travel if you feel tired!

Beds are a thing to be well prepared and should be in the RV.

If you invite a lot of people while traveling, you can make a bunk bed.

Very interesting!

RV Hacks 10
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Cooking spices should be kept in an airtight place!

Create the storage space at the bottom of the storage cabinet.

RV Hacks 11
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Use unused pipe as a place to put slippers inside your RV.

If you are creative, making above is not difficult to do.

Interested to trying the ideas above?

Good luck!

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