12+ Ideas of The Best Healthy and Refreshing Bathroom Designs

Proper bathroom design can reduce stress, provide peace, comfort from sound and or noise, and so forth. Have you ever imagined a house without a bathroom? It’s hard to imagine if we should live in a house without a bathroom.

Because the bath is a routine activity that we do every day this makes the bathroom as an important part of a house, almost the same as the other part of houses that also deserve maximum attention.

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In some situations, sometimes this important part escape the attention, this room just gets a touch of design and decoration as necessary. In fact, bathroom design such as the selection of lighting, colour, floor, etc., can have serious health effects for us. When you get home, after a long day of work or after doing other outdoor activities, the first thing to think about is to clean up, bathe, or even soak in the warm bathtub to unwind.

Soaking in warm water for half an hour can reduce blood sugar levels around 13 percent where this would be good news for people with diabetes. In other words, bathing is an activity that can reduce stress, improve blood circulation, boost immunity and also a detoxification that will eliminate toxins in the body.

Therefore, the design of the bathroom should also be able to support and provide a positive atmosphere, comfortable, calming and certainly healthy. It’s good you notice some general principles of bathroom design is healthy and refreshing so that this room can support your relaxation activities.


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Choose the type, shape and size of a shower, bathtub, and sink that suits your needs because a good bathtub should be able to provide extra comfort in a comfortable position. Models with classic design, vintage, can be an additional aesthetic space that is unique and interesting. While the selection of the location of the sink is also noteworthy. Improper laying can make the bathroom feel fuller and congested.

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Bathroom Floor

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The floor is also a part that must be considered very well. The bathroom floor can use ceramic, stone, pebbles or even cement. Make sure the material used is not slippery. The suggested bathroom floor is a non-slip finish. For motifs and models, you can adjust the theme of the bathroom you choose as a value-added aesthetic.


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Bathroom lighting should also be designed and maximized in wet areas. The bathroom should have excellent lighting or lighting in order to have perfect visibility.


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Then look in the mirror in your bathroom. The presence of a mirror in a bathroom is not just my decoration or aesthetic enhancer but has a function like a shower or a sink. The position of the mirror should be adjusted. And if possible, the mirror can accommodate in a sitting or standing position.

Shelves and Storage

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Shelves is a storage place of goods in the bathroom. This part is not less important, try to choose shelves with models and designs that can give a touch of aesthetics in the room. Try to put the shelf in the right position and the shelf should also be easily accessible. The size of the shelf can be tailored to your needs. Also, make sure to choose quality materials for durability and not easily weathered by water splashing.

Similarly, things that affect the quality of your relaxation while indulging in the bathroom. The comfortable and quiet bathroom certainly has a positive effect on your life. Artistic touches that suit your personality not only beautify your bathroom, but also will give you a feeling of fun and maximize your relaxation at home.

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