The Vertical Garden: New Modern Garden to Cities

Everyone can make it as long as you have bare wall or fence

Lead 10 Tips To Create A Vertical Garden At Home 1550829818Lead 10 Tips To Create A Vertical Garden At Home 1550829818

The vertical garden is a unique technique to grow a plant on a vertical way, it is commonly using hydroponics. Because it is planted in vertical style, hence its structure can be planted on the wall or any standing surface.

It is a wonderful alternative to make a garden in the office space or absolutely can be plotted everywhere even in an apartment. Besides called as vertical garden, people also call it as living green walls, live walls, moss walls or any names related to wall and plant. Here are some fantastic example of how green garden can be planted vertically in way aesthetically.

  1. Tray Vertical Garden
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If you got unused tray or any rectangular flats and succulent plants, you can turn them both into a beautiful succulent tray vertical garden. Before you plant them on, put the wire mesh and make sure it fits for your chosen frame, it will be the tray for the plants.

2. Wall Planter

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As it is mentioned earlier in this article; you can make a vertical garden as long as you have a bare wall, this wall planter is perfect to beautify your bare wall in the inside of your room. This idea will not only make your empty wall appear stunning and alive, but also you can have wall planter as wide space as you need and you will never be wrong with this wall planter style.

3. clay potted vertical garden

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If you are organic lover and won’t be bothered by buying small amount of sprouts, leeks, chili, or maybe small beautiful plants to be planted in pots, you might want to have this clay potted vertical garden. This idea will not only saving the horizontal space in your house especially if you live in an apartment, but also it will turn your balcony look incredibly amazing. The small and tiny clay pots with beautiful greens, small vegetables will add greenery without cutting much space.

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4. Glass terrarium planter

Last but not least, the beautiful glass terrarium planter.  This idea is perfect for you who is a plant lover but don’t have enough horizontal space in your room. By using glass as your vase you will have even more amazing mini garden in your house. Take a look of its example below.

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