Impressive Green Living Houses, You’ve Ever Seen

As the Earth is getting older by the time, people do every possible actions to slow down its ages, one of the act is by building the green homes which environmentally friendly. Choosing green house is a prove that people is now becoming more aware and active to save environment even more, including how someone manages their money to build a green living house.

Building a green living home can be a perfect choice as it saves so much money rather than the general houses. It is not only cash less, you will be the agent of energy saving and other impacts to create positive atmosphere inside your green home.

Furthermore, there are some reasons why people should turn their houses into green houses:

  • Decrease or even eliminate the electricity bill
  • reduces carbon footprint
  • turning save energy into a habit for you and your family

Here, we highlight 5 most impressive green living houses which you have ever seen before:

  1. waste house
Top Sustainable Homes 2014 4

The waste house, as it sounds, it is a sustainable home which is built from the discarded waste. But don’t worry, it is safe and the home owner will never smell rubbish.

2. Glass house

Top Sustainable Homes 2014 29

The glass house is a house which is full of glasses. You barely meet walls in it and will just meet glasses everywhere including as the glass roof. This beautiful concept is designed by Fougeron and is located on the coastline of Big Sur in California. The house owner is expected to see nature unlimitedly, they will see sky, green and also coast.

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3. futuristic shaped house

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It may be confusing by just looking at its shape and feel unwelcoming, but that house is one of eco-friendly house. The house is powered by the natural power electricity such wind and solar power.

4. KasaUovo house

Kasauovo Houses

The house looks cute as it shapes like the eggs with eyes and opened mouth. The shape of the house is really refreshing as we don’t meet roof, wall and of course regular shape of houses. However, the egg house is sustainable home which is made from wasted wood and recycled car. By choosing that cute house, we reduce the wastes of wood and vehicle

5. Eco-capsule house

Ecocapsule 3

This is another cute shaped house. This eco capsule house is shaped like a capsule and is a smart house. It uses solar, wind, rain water as its energy. The tiny smart house is perfect for one or two people to live in.

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