Creative Room Divider Ideas to Maximize Your Tiny Space

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Living in a studio apartment or small homes with high ceiling and just have few walls to divide some rooms are found everywhere. If you live in one of them and want to create some more rooms, room divider comes to rescue.

Furthermore, the room divider is not only turn one space into two spaces or more, but also making the room feels bigger. However, the divider shall has function (if needed), be flexible and thin enough so it will not take too much spaces.

Here are some tips to create some room divider ideas to make your tiny space looks even more gorgeous.

  1. Making divider wall
Room Divider Ideas Bhg Com Freestanding Divider Wall

If you have a handy skills or unlimited imagination to create something, try to make a divider wall. It may sound complicated, but the result will be worth it as you achieve more professional look or more wall space.

2. Bookcases as divider


Bookcases may be the perfect choice to create a room divider as well as your personal book shelf. This type of bookcase can be found in any furniture shop like Ikea. Try to choose the one that has locking wheels hence you can roll it everywhere you need.

3. staggered bookcase system


However, if having bookcase as the room divider but want to have some more air flowing at the same time, the staggered bookcase is the best alternative choice then.

4. a slider door

Interior Fancy Picture Of Dining Room Decoration Using Rustic Wooden Barn Style Sliding Door Including Oak Wood Vinyl Home Flooring And Solid Light Oak Wood Dining Chairs Lovely Images Of Barn Style S

Making slider door is a real deal because you are about to have a really closed room divider whenever you close this door. All you need is a barn door and a slider. Voila, it’s perfect.

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5. moving bookcases as a secret door


Custom your secret doors by using bookcase. This smart idea is the most versatile convenient and unique to divide your rooms. And the book lover wouldn’t resist that fun style.

6. woven divider

DIY Ikea Hack Woven Room Divider 2
DIY Ikea Hack Woven Room Divider 2
DIY Ikea Hack Woven Room Divider 1
DIY Ikea Hack Woven Room Divider 1
DIY Ikea Hack Woven Room Divider 3
DIY Ikea Hack Woven Room Divider 3

Woven may sound basic and boring, but what about a woven made out of rattan and yarn and playing with various colors? Pick a rattan which shaped and customized as room divider, take single yarn then weaving it back and forth in its front and behind of rattan. Once the weave reaches the end of rattan, repeat the weave then make a knot.

7. DIY chicken wire divider

IMG 0922
IMG 0922
IMG 0923
IMG 0923

Chicken wire is very cheap, having unique texture and its flexibility makes it is easy to be shaped. Use a room divider frame and place the chicken wire in it. Beautify it by spraying the paint if it is needed.

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