15 Best Ceramic Designs You’d Die For

You will never go wrong with the ceramics.

Redesigning a house using ceramic is one of smart way because its glaze and pattern will enhance your interior design as it increases the artistic vibe in it. Here are 10 décor ideas using ceramic touch which can change your house decorating scheme hence it appears more stunning.

  1. collaboration of wood and ceramic
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The ceramic gives artistic touch and wood gives long last design which never dies. What if both are combined? Of course they will create fashionable look in your room.


2. beautiful paint on a ceramic

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By drawing a beautiful paint on a ceramic surface for your irregular shape of mug, glass or candle holder will really make it looks stunning and gives artistic look.


3. Super artistic ceramic seashell lamp

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This is an artistic work of Vallauris in 1960’s. Just by looking a glance of it, no one can resist its charm. The mid – century red seashell lamp looks beautiful with its coastal and tropical theme. The open scallop shell, its beauty adds even more as we can see some coral and fish inside the shell. The light inside the shell gives stunning look as it looks like the seashell produce the light when it is opened.

4. Ceramics themed bathroom

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2018 is still the year of ceramics. You will always find bunch of ceramic themed bathroom ideas to spice up your bathroom style. The clean and glossy look will give glamorous that you will lengthen your bathing time as you like to spend more time in your ceramic bathroom. Here is one of stunning ceramics themed bathroom.

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5. Ceramic Jellyfish

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This is the ceramic jellyfish which is made by Coe and Waito. This beautiful art is a big combo of coastal and ceramic style. These hanging jellyfish looks so cute and will perfectly fit to be placed in a specific corner in your house or office, especially when you are a beach lover.

6. Dog figurine ceramic coffee cup

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Do you ever imagine to drink a cup of coffee or tea with dog figurine inside it? Well, if you do, it is your time to realize it. Here is the example of ceramic coffee cup with a dog figurine inside. Isn’t it the cutest cup ever?

7. Ceramic salt and pepper pot

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This is a super unique black ceramic salt and pepper pot along with its lid and two compartments for salt and pepper for each. This pot looks even more appealing as it doesn’t have glazes just how normal ceramic has.


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