Cool Ways to Decorate Your Rentals

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Decorating your apartment rentals can be serious issues as it is not ours, therefore you can’t just do a big transformations, at the same time, it can be hard for us as we can’t just make a financial investment for our temporary house.

For those reasons, decorating rentals is a hard decision. But here we are giving economical and simple yet fresh and stylish look decorative ideas for you.

  1. New wall paints
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Usually the landlords will allow their tenants to paint the rental’s walls, but it will be convenient that we talk to them first if they put some requirements as we paint, for example the landlord allow us as long as we put back the original color once we leave the rental.

Painting the wall can be inexpensive and easy way to bring fresh style in your temporary house. It also can express your personality as you choose your own color. But if the landlords don’t allow us, we still can use nonpermanent methods to make the wall fancier such as installing vinyl or hanging pictures using strong adhesive to bear the picture’s weight.

2. Stylish decorative vinyl

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Using decorative vinyl or sticker is another way to make our wall appear fancy. This trendy décor can be removed and leave no mark once we move out from apartment rentals too. Other decorative thing is unique washi tapes with various color and pictures. You can also order custom washi tapes or vinyl to some companies or shops.

3.  New unique shower curtain

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It can be too simple, but changing shower curtain can bring a fresh and different feel in your temporary bathroom. This is a super easy transformation and you still can take it with you and put it your house or future rentals once you move out.

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4.  More modern and stylish knobs and handles

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Change knobs and handles into more modern and stylish look and you will get your apartment appear new and fresh.

5. Use decorative textiles

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Using decorative textile is also best simple way to freshen your rental look. You just need to change the color and prints of your cushions, elegant and beautiful curtain look, new and unique shape and print of pillows and lovely rugs.

6. Display the portraits

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Decorate your walls by installing some lovely portraits. This transformation will give you some positive emotion in your room. If the landlord doesn’t allow you using nail, use some removable strong adhesive.

7. Decorate your plants to make it fancy

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If you are a plants and flowers lover, it is your turn to pot some plants or put your beautiful flower to give nature vibration to your interior.

8. DIY and reclaimed furniture

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You can access some cool DIY in the internet to give more fancy look in your space.

By using some ideas we have shared above, you can have your new apartment rental look which reflect your personality without actually change it.

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