The Stunning Pista Shell Bird Decoration

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Think about another DIY project to beautify your house?

How about made new DIY decoration out of pistachio shells? Because, who doesn’t like pistachio anyway?

Before you continue on reading this article, you may just throw it to the dustbin once you eat its nuts. Next time, you eat it you won’t throw it and turn it into beautiful craft. Apparently, someone has just did it and it turned out stunning. The pista shell craft is named Pista Shell Bird Wall Decoration. Here is the picture of it.

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Isn’t the art look amazing?. After someone posted the finish look of pista shell bird, everyone comes by and posting the other great ideas of pista shell bird for your home decoration. Here are steps to get it.

First thing first, don’t throw away the pista shells and wash all of the remaining salt then leave them on the piece of a newspaper and pad with a tissue to dry them out.

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Once all the pista shells are dry, choose the color you want to paint each of the outer shell don’t forget to give a little black dot as its eye. While waiting for the paint to dry, you can start painting a small tree, with its branches and twigs, on the wall or everywhere you want. It will appear even prettier by adding more colors on the tree such as the various colors for the grass, leaves or flowers. Use glue to stick the shell in the place.

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It looks beautiful as it is placed on the switch with more birds like and colors.

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It can also be fitted in a frame as another wall decoration just like the picture below.

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Some people modified it into a beautiful art pieces of colorful birds on wall. The steps are similar, you just need to shape other pista shell to be bird’s wings look alike. Don’t forget to complete the look by giving a small black dot on top of small white dot as its eyes.

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People are just more creative. Look at the pista shell art peacock decoration above. You just need to draw peacock on the wall or just a piece of paper then give it color. Next, paint the pistachio shells to the same color of the peacock’s tail and fix them onto the tail using glue.

The results of pista shell bird decoration are truly beautiful

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