15 Interesting Best Coffee Table Ideas For Small Spaces Living Room

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Define a design to the living room is an important things that might not as easy as we though. Including when it needs to decide the best coffee table idea to put in the living room. To match and mix the table and the available space can be a difficult things. Therefore, it is suggested to carefully thinking on the design.

The common problems of current living is in the minimum space available. It is no secret that it quite difficult on getting a wide house with a big living room. Mainly for urban city where every room are minimalist.

To solve with the above problems, it is better to design as simple as it can. Hence, not much space shall needed to place the furniture. To give a brief idea, below are the best coffee table idea for your reference:

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Wooden Table
It is always classic to use wooden coffee table. Make sure it is proper coated so that it can stay longer. Choose a classic color such as creme or light brown.

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Side Coffee Table
Limited space will need limited furnitures. Hence, use a side coffee table to help saving the space. Make sure to match the table color with the bench color.

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Flower Power
Put on some flower on the top of the table to bring colorfull theme and happy mood. Choose the fresh flower and make sure to replace it every week.

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Round or Rectangle
Put decision which one ia your preferable shape. Round is good when other furnitures in the rooms are rectangular. In the other side, rectangle shape will works in rounded coach.

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Try to mix and match with monochrome color. Pick a table with monochrome material to make the futuristik sensation. Make sure to match with other furniture around the table.

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Dare to be different! Choose an assymetry table is one of the good choice. Therefore, it can bring a fresh style to the living room. Plus, it is a unique design.

Those are the best coffee table idea to apply in a small living room. At the end, make sure the budget is sufficient and the place is optimum. Therefore, it will fit with your required design.

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