16 Amazing Multi-Functional Furniture For A Condo

Multi-Functional Condo

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For you who lives in a limited space of condo, of course you understand the urge to have some multi-functional furniture. Since this kind of furniture will help you saving so much space and also your condo will looks more organized. Below we provide some ideas of multi-functional furniture that you might need for your condo.

Multi-functional furniture means that it definitely has more than one function. For example, a shelves beside the sofa can be modified to be a place where you can put your cup of tea and charging the phone at the same time. Another good idea is to build a sofa that can be separated into some parts to function as a pillow for sitting on the floor.

Moreover, you can actually modified the huge furniture like a bed to have more than one function. Below we will show you how people usually done this. Check it out!

Multi-Functional Shelves

If usually a shelf can be use to store stuffs, you can actually make it have more function. Like adding a place for the cups so that when you watch the TV, you can place it safely without spilling the tea or coffee to the sofa.

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Multi-Functional Dining Table

Secondly, you can also try to make this multi-functional dining table that can be fold anytime you want. Not only for the dinner, but you can also function the lower part to become a shelves for the dining equipment.

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Another idea is to make a dining table out of a wall. This one is actually unique, and you can save so much space by doing this. Later when you don’t need the table, just make it a wall instead.

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Multi-Functional Ironing Equipment

Need to iron your clothes everyday but don’t have so much space? You may definitely try this multi-functional ironing equipment ideas. Build one that is attached to the wall and can be fold with a mirror. So when you have a guest, you won’t have to show the ironing table.

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Multi-Functional Table

A living room usually has one table near the sofa. To maximize the space in your room, it might be helpful to build a multi-functional table for your living room.

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For instance, you can always modifies the table so that it can go higher. so when you need to work with your laptop, it can be adjusted to the height that you want.

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Also, below the table you can also function the room for some storage for your stuffs. Now you have a more organized living room by doing this.

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