15 Brilliant Hacks For Small Space Storage Solution

Small Space Storage

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It is surely okay to have a lot of stuffs or collection. But the problem rises when you don’t have enough spaces to store all of it. If you are having this problem, then some brilliant hacks for small space storage below might be a solution for your room.

Unconsciously, there are actually many spaces that we don’t see. For example, you can use the space behind the bed, or just below the roof where usually people don’t put anything. The key for a small space storage is looking at the possibility where you can put your stuffs without damaging it.

Another good places that people often use is below the stairs. Of course we can always put a lot of stuffs here, but always remember to make it organized and neat.

Storage For Your Books

For a bibliophile, surely one book is never enough. A bookworm can have hundreds or even thousands of favorite books that needs some storage. But not all of them are having the unlimited space.

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Therefore, let’s be creative and make some spaces in the small room. For instance, the space behind your bed is a good idea, and you can also install some shelves above that has height above your head to put all the books you love.

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Make Use of The Corner

Limited spaces does not means limited creativity. In every room, there is absolutely a corner where we can make use for placing our stuffs.

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For example, at the picture above you see that the space behind the front door can be filled with some plants and your collection. While on the picture below, people are actually use the corner to make some shelves.

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Organize Person by Person

How many people are there in your home? If there are more than 3, then it might be a good idea to organize the stuffs person by person.

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Of course each person has his own belongings, so if you don’t want your belongings disturb others, you might as well make some space for one person each.

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Below The Stairs

Lastly, the place below the stairs is always our favorite when it comes to using the space for a small space storage. Not only that you can make a closet full of clothes, but also you can put many stuffs here without worrying that it will make a mess.

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