15 Space Saving Ideas For Small Bedroom

Space Saving for Small Bedroom

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Are you facing a problem of having too many stuffs but so limited area to place it? Then you are on the right place, since we are ready to share some space saving ideas for small bedroom. Even though you had such a limited space, you can still make the bedroom as cozy as possible for a living.

The first key is to make use any space that you had. For example, don’t forget to always make use of the vertical side of the wall. You can also make a space below the bed to put anything that is important. Another important point is to use the minimalist furniture, as you don’t want to waste many space with such limited area.

Moreover, if you think that currently your small bedroom already full of unused stuff, you need to let go some of them. Don’t get too attached to the things that you have since they can actually make the room looks full.

Corner Working Table

Having too small space for a working table? You can always use the corner space. This way somehow you can get a wider table to work on. Above the table, you can also put some mini bookshelves.

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Minimalist Bed

Make sure that the bed is comfortable enough for you to sleep, but also has the minimalist size so you can save more stuffs in your bedroom. For instance, this kind of bed that has a compartment below it is a great idea for a small bedroom.

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Near The Roof

Furthermore, you might also realize that the space near the roof is often wasted. But now you can build your own flying bookshelves near the roof so that you save more space at your room.

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Bed Near The Window

If you have a small bedroom, then it will be fascinating to have a large window inside it. Arrange your bed near the window, so every time you feel your room is too stuffy, just look at the outside part of the window.

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Arranging The Clothes Correctly

Especially when you have so many clothes, this can be a problem if you don’t have enough space to store it. Some ideas below might help you. For example, you can build under-the-bed clothes room.

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You can also hang the clothes instead of folding it to the closet. This way the use of space is more efficient.

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