16 Pictures of Enchanting Aspyn Ovard’s House

Aspyn Ovard House

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Do you recognize the name Aspyn Ovard? If not, then you should definitely surf the Youtube channel more often. She is actually a video content creator who currently already had about 3.2 million subscriber for her Youtube channel. It is actually quite interesting to take a sneak peak to Aspyn Ovard’s house. Especially for you who always want to decor your home with shabby chic modern theme.

Starting from the living room, we will see that the major color for her house is white, pink, and some black. This girl who also now run a new channel with her husband, Parker Ferris, also shows us the design of the kitchen, the bedroom, and the dining room.

From Aspyn Ovard’s house, we can get so much insight of how to make a shabby chic decor interesting and make our house looks so livable. Here we go by these 16 pictures.

Aspyn Ovard House : Living Room

The living room is actually quite simple. She has a sofa with pink and brown color. Above the sofa, she puts some sofa pillow with unique cover. This one is actually the key to make a great shabby chic theme. Look at how she arrange the furry pillow cover side by side with the other pattern of pillow cover.

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Also, she doesn’t forget to always put a touch of greens for the white room, since white and green are a good match. For instance, she hang one on the shelf and put a plant beside the sofa to keep the air fresh.

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Another signature furniture that is surely the lamp that hangs on the roof. It is both futuristic and elegant at the same time. Also, the gold color is the perfect choice.

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Using Peg Board To Place Stuffs

This idea is truly brilliant. Using a peg board, not only that your stuff will be more organized, but also you can move it anytime you like.

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In the Aspyn Ovard’s house, she manage to put many stuff vertically on the peg board. She also remember to put some plants to freshen the look.

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Cozy Dining Room

Furthermore, as we can see in the pictures below, she definitely has the coziest dining room with some stainless steel chairs.

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Aspyn Ovard House 13 Result
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Some snake plants, succulent, and other plants then totally make the house livable for the owner.

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