10 Brilliant RV Space Saving That You Should Know

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Going on vacation to various places by using RV is a very fun thing to do. Moreover, the holiday is done together with your beloved family.

One of the disadvantages using an RV to go on vacation is a  limited space that can be used. So you should be smart about laying out the equipment and furniture in RV.

No need to be confused with above problems. Here are 10 brilliant ideas that you can apply.

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The bed is a piece of furniture that takes up a lot of space in your RV. Whereas the bed is only used at rest time only.

In order to save space, you can fold the bed against the RV wall. This way can save a lot of places in the RV.

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Set up a special storage area to place small supplies. Separate the equipment by type to easily find when you needed.

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Hangers can be made vertically!

The way above can save a lot of places in your RV.

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If you need a desk in the RV or just to send an email. You can use a folding table to put inside the RV.

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You can use the above concept and create a table into 2 different functions. First, you can use it as a workbench. Second, you can use it as a dining table.

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Soap, shampoo, toilet paper, and so on can be stored in a special place in the bathroom.

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Create a hidden place in the RV!

You can use this table as a dining table or as a work table in the RV.

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Make storage cabinets and workbenches in to one piece. The above ways can save a lot of places in your RV. In addition, the above ways can make your RV look more presentable while away on vacation.

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Cooking activities are a sure thing to do during a trip using an RV. Put cooking utensils, various herbs, and flavorings hanging on a storage rack.

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There is an amazing way to save space!

Put a bed and desk on the wall to save a lot of space. The above concept is very important to apply, if you want a larger room.

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