13 Gorgeous and Feminine Shabby Chic Bathroom Ideas

Shabby ResultShabby Result

For you who always want to show your feminine side, shabby chic decor must be a destined to be your house design. Especially for the shabby chic bathroom, you will want to spend more time at the bathroom doing treatment for your skin and body. It is actually not that hard to decorate a shabby chic bathroom . Here are how people usually do it.

One element that have to be there for a shabby chic bathroom is some flower. Either it is real flower or plastic flower, they will make the ambiance sweet and feminine. Another important element is the shelves to place your bathroom equipment. Surely anyone will feel like a princess if the shelves decorated beautifully.

Shabby chic bathroom doesn’t have to always using the soft baby color, yet white will works for this theme. Even if you like dark color, you might also paint the bathroom dark, as long as you remember how to keep it pretty. Let’s check 13 pictures of beautiful bathroom below.

Lively With A Flower

Of course one room can’t be said using a shabby chic decor if there is no flower in it. Especially for the bathroom, while it is not a usual thing to decorate with flower. However, by adding some flower that has a matching color with the wall, you will see that the room is getting more and more pretty.

Shabby Chic Bathroom 1 Result
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For white color, use baby breath flower or white flower. And for the dark color of wall, you actually can choose any bright color of flower like yellow or orange.

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Shabby Chic Bathroom 13 Result
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Some Green Plants Will Also Works

Don’t want to change the flower every 2-3 days? Then you can substitute the flower with some green plants like grass or succulent. Amazingly, succulent has a lot of color and can be use to make a room pretty too.

Shabby Chic Bathroom 12 Result
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Shabby Chic Bathroom 11 Result
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Shabby Chic Bathroom 9 Result
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Princess-Like Shelves

Forget the wooden shelves if you want to decorate a shabby chic room. Instead, find some vintage hanging shelf to place all of your equipment in the bathroom.

Shabby Chic Bathroom 10 Result
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Shabby Chic Bathroom 8 Result
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Shabby Chic Bathroom 7 Result
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Large Mirror With Carving

Furthermore, you can also add some carving for bathroom with shabby chic theme. Choose the carving that you think beautiful, then hang it in the bathroom wall, so that the wall full with something and the room looks bigger.

Shabby Chic Bathroom 6 Result
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Shabby Chic Bathroom 5 Result
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