13 Ideas of Nerd Room For Star Wars Fans

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Truly wonderful, the design of nerd room for Star Wars fan is. For parents, if you have kids who loves Star Wars so much, you might want to steal these nerd room ideas. And for you geeky who loves this show from you were a child, there is still time to show how fanatic you are by decorating a Star Wars themed bedroom.

While some people think that this nerd room is only for geek people, some other people will think that these ideas are surprisingly cool. It is also actually quite easy to decorate. For example, you will need some light sabers for the night light. Also, some eternal quote from Star Wars movie will also work when it is sticked to the wall of the room.

No wonder why actually there are many people who wants to decorate their bedroom like this. Not only it is cool, but also every night you sleep, you will feel like you live in the galaxy far, far away.

Light Saber For The Night Lamp

Absolutely a Star Wars fans knows a lot about a light saber, the weapons for both jedi and Sith. In the movie, these light saber can have a lot of color, like blue, green, purple, and red. It is then a good idea to use some light saber decorating for the night lamp on nerd room.

Place the light saber vertically near the bed, then you can also add some quotes in between. Make sure that the light saber can be turn on on the night when you want to sleep and dream living in other galaxy.

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Light Side and Dark Side Lamp Switching

This idea is surprisingly quite smart! We know that there are only two kind of people in Star Wars movie. First, they are who fighting for the light side. Second, those who can’t win with themselves and choose the dark side instead.

It is then fun to have a sticker of light side and dark side for the lamp switching on your room. This way you no longer need to guess which side is to turn on and turn off the light.

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Amazing Star Wars Wallpaper

To make it more realistic, you might also want to stick wallpaper that shows the epic scene from Star Wars movie, like the line of Storm troopers, even the Darth vader wallpaper and the wars in galaxies.

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