12 Ways of How To Maximize Space in Small Apartment

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Rather than complaining everyday that you have a small apartment, let’s see this as a chance instead. If you think you don’t have enough space to put all of your things, maybe you just haven’t tried that hard. Surprisingly, there might be a lot of hidden space that you never use, so you think your apartment is small. But you don’t realize it yet. Because you are too busy to complain about the limited space.

Stop complaining and start thinking creatively instead. Those pile of books, for example, you don’t need a big shelf to organize them. Below you can sneak a peak of how we should organize the books in a limited space. Not only you will see that you can always make space, but also your things will be organize nicely.

As long as you have the will to make your apartment more livable, then there is always a way. Below we provide you with 12 examples of how we should arrange things in a small apartment, make it looks organized and neat. Check it out!

Arranging Pile of Books

This is for you, reader who absolutely can’t live a day without books. If you think that you don’t really have enough place for your favorite books, you can always organize them together in vertical way. However, do not pile too much books in one line. In addition, you might make your own vertical shelf like below. Then just put the books according to the theme, your small apartment now will look so nice.

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Another idea is to make use of space that you never think exist. For example, like what someone did below, build the entire shelf above the door. It is a clever idea though, since the space is not used very often or you might just realize that there is this space available.

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Hidden Vertical Shelf

Another smart ideas to maximize space in your small apartment is making vertical shelf. If you have a refrigerator in your apartment, then this is so much saving space for kitchen needs like salt, sugar, soybean, etc. Place the vertical shelf beside the refrigerator, put everything here then you have more space more than you can imagine before.

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An Order On The Bathroom

Last but not least, you might also want to make a space for your small bathroom. No worries! You can always hang the place for anything you will need on the bathroom. Just simply hang them on the wall beside a large mirror that will reflect the room as if the bathroom is a big room.

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