10 Easy DIY Christmas Decorations for Your Home

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When making the decoration of Christmas you will be faced with the problem of difficulty making the decor.

That problem will not happen, if you choose a decor that is easy to make. There are so many Christmas decoration ideas that can easily be made by yourself.

We will share 10 Christmas decoration ideas that can easily create by yourself at home.

Check out the explanation below!

DIY Christmas Decorations 1
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You have a drawing talent?

Use your talent to create a christmas decoration with ice cream stick.

This decoration can be put in the Christmas tree to beautify the appearance.

DIY Christmas Decorations 2
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Cinnamon sticks can also make your Christmas decoration!

Add a small ribbon in some parts to make it more beautiful.

DIY Christmas Decorations 3
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Paper tones you can use as a beautiful Christmas decoration.

Cut the paper into a triangular shape resembling a Christmas tree. Guests who come to the house will see it as a very unique decoration.

DIY Christmas Decorations 4
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Prepare bottle caps for decorating!

Arrange to be a snow-shaped décor. Don’t forget to paint with color paint to make this decor more similar.

DIY Christmas Decorations 5
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Use this decoration on the front of your house!

Paint wooden stems with white, then add paint with other colors for the shape of the eyes and mouth.

Add a ribbon and a typical christmas hat to make it look more like a snowman.

DIY Christmas Decorations 6
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Use a used door to make a typical christmas decoration!

Maximize your creativity to beautify the room at Christmas.

DIY Christmas Decorations 7
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Make a deer image with your palms!

Use a brown color paint to create this decoration.

Place on the wall to make it look more attractive.

DIY Christmas Decorations 8
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Santa Claus from the paint brush!

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Very interesting and unique to be decorative when Chrismas arrived.

DIY Christmas Decorations 9
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The front door of your house can be decorated like a snow doll when Christmas arrives. You can use stickers, then stick the sticker on some parts of the door to make it more interesting.

DIY Christmas Decorations 10
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Wooden twigs can be a very interesting decor if you are creative!

Form the logs into stars, christmas trees, and snow crystals. Glue each section using a strong rope.

When you’re done, you can put this decoration in the Christmas tree to beautify its appearance.

Are you interested to try it?

Hope it inspires!

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