11 Christmas Lights to Create Lit Pond Effect

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One of the factors that make Christmas more festive is decorative lights. The excitement and splendor of Christmas is increasingly felt by using decorative lights when Christmas arrives.

There are so many places you can use as a place to put decorative lights. You can put decorative lights in front of house, in the living room, kitchen, and so forth.

Today, we will share 11 Christmas light ideas that you can apply at home.

Hope it inspires!

Christmas Lights 1
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If you have a big budget at Christmas, then you can put decorative lights in every part of your house. Place christmas lights on trees, parks and roofs to make the atmosphere more festive.

In this way, you will definitely attract the attention of many people who pass in front of the house.

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The next option, you can put decorative lights on the front porch. Add a typical Christmas decoration with red and green to make it more beautiful when viewed.

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Do you have a tree in front of your house?

Make it look with ornamental lights at christmas.

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This way is almost the same as the christmas lights that we described in first point earlier. You can put decorative lights in all parts of your house at Christmas.

The thing that distinguishes this decorative lamp with the first is  color selection of lights that aren’t too flashy.

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Christmas Lights 6
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The front porch of your house can be more beautiful, if you decorate by using decorative lights. Color matching lights will make the front of your house more beautiful

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Christmas Lights 7
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The inside of your house need to add with decorative lights as well. Decorative light with yellow color can be apply on the inside of your house.

Christmas Lights 8
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Make snow inside your house!

You can use a white ornamental lamp on the part of the house to make a decoration like a snow.

Christmas Lights 9
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Invite other family members to jointly decorate the front of the house using decorative lights.

Christmas Lights 10
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If you want a simple look and not excessive, then you can use decorative lights like this in the house.

Christmas Lights 11
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Christmas night will be more festive with decorative lights as above!

You can apply the above ideas in the spacious front garden of your house.

That’s 11 ideas christmas lights that can beautify your home at christmas.

Good luck!

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