10 Cozy Cheerful Christmas Living Room

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Let’s welcome the festive Christmas with a lively and vibrant home atmosphere. There are so many room decoration ideas that you can apply at Christmas.

The room inside your house that is important to be decorated during Christmas is the living room. Because in this room there is many family members who will come together.

Don’t be confused to determine the best applicable room decor. We will share 10 decorative ideas that can be applied to your living room.

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Put the greenery as the main decoration in the living room. Don’t forget to put a red ribbon to make the decor more beautiful to look at. Put also another decor of gift boxes on the table.

Christmas Living Room 2
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You can decorate the living room to be very comfortable at night!

Put candles in some parts and decorative lights on the Christmas tree and above the fireplace. You don’t need to use the lights, because the fireplace and candles are already able to make the atmosphere of the room becomes dim and comfortable at Christmas.

Christmas Living Room 3
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This one decoration is very simple to do.

You just need to put decorations in the form of green plants on the walls of the room and the Christmas tree in the corner of the room.

Christmas Living Room 4
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Christmas decorations can also be perfectly harmonious to look at!

The above decoration shows that a blend of green and white colors can be very suitable for use as a christmas decoration.

Christmas Living Room 5
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Replace the pillowcase with the theme of Christmas, then place the green plants above the fireplace of the house. Don’t forget to put the decoration in the form of a Christmas tree on the corner of the house.

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Christmas Living Room 6
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Decorative lamps and candles become the main component that makes above decoration very interesting to see.

Christmas Living Room 7
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Simple and not excessive.

You just need to put decorations in the form of Christmas trees in your living room when Christmas arrives. Decorations like this are very suitable to be applied by people who live alone in the apartment.

Christmas Living Room 8
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You can make decorations for Christmas yourself!

Use an unused whiteboard, then create an image of the christmas tree and deer on the chalkboard.

Christmas Living Room 9
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You can use small christmas trees placed in snow-shaped pots. Very simple, but interesting to do when Christmas arrives.

Christmas Living Room 10
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You can bring snow into the living room with ease!

Use a soft white carpet decoration in the living room. Decorations like this will look like snow when viewed.

What decoration would you like to try?

Tell us via comment field below.

Good luck!

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