13 Enchanting Christmas-Themed Wall Decoration

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Celebrating Christmas has thousands of way, one of them is to decorate your house to feel the Christmas vibe in every corner of yours. One way to decorate your house is to apply some equipment to make an enchanting Christmas-themed wall decoration. You don’t have to buy a new furniture for this decor, find something from last year Christmas and make it something useful for the wall decor.

Almost anything that has the soul of Christmas can be hang in to the wall. For example, you might consider hanging the wreath for wall decoration, rather than put it on the storage room.

Another idea is to make a handmade wall decoration from a blackboard, and write something about the special day, like “Merry Christmas”, “Merry and Bright”, “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”, or any quote of Christmas that you think is great.

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Reindeer Sculpture For Wall Decoration

It’s not really Christmas when you can’t feel any presence of reindeer. You might consider to put a sculpture of reindeer for the wall decoration, as they might also very useful to hang scarf and anything else.

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Near the reindeer sculpture, it is actualy a good idea to hang some reindeer painting to make the Christmas vibe coming to the room. Combine together with some quote poster to make it more realistic.

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Make a DIY Christmas-themed Wall Decor

Thinking of a great decoration but there is no store that sell them? You can always try to do it yourself, gather some green and red paper, to make some decoration that calls the Christmas atmosphere.

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Big Wreath for Big House

Are you planning on making your own Christmas Tree this year? Then you can also plan to make a big wreath of pine leaves to be a wall decoration in your house. Just add some red ribbons in the center, and it is perfect for this very special day.

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Snow is Coming Around the Wall

It is usually snowing outside when Christmas is coming, and you can always invite the snow to come into the house, by making some crystal snow shaped to be placed on the wall. This is perfectly matching if your wall is not colored with white paint. Go googling the patterns for a snow, then prepare white paper to be cut into those patterns.

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