15 Dazzling Poinsettia Plants Decoration Ideas

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Reaching the end of the year in December, one thing that always been waited is Christmas time, when all family from all around gather together to celebrate the day. If your home is being a host this year, of course you need to decorate it as beautiful as possible. One way to decorate the house to make it having a Christmas vibe is by using Poinsettia Plants, which has a glamorous red and green leaves.

Poinsettia Plants with Pots

This is actually the simplest way to make Christmas vibe coming to your home. You only need to grow some poinsettia plants and put them inside a pot. Poinsettia plants are best when it lives and fresh. Then, try to place the poinsettia plants around your living room, in the corner of the room, or any place that people will look at the most.

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Not only the red one, the white variety of poinsettia are also has its own elegance. This is the best choice if you want to decorate your home with a white christmas theme.

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Don’t really have a pot? Don’t need to worry. Just be creative and find another vessel or container that can hold the poinsettia plants nicely. For example, like the iron vessel one below.

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Put Them in The Center

Poinsettia are meant to be the best decoration, so you need to show them to everyone coming to your house. Don’t hesitate to put it in the center of the room.

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Hanging the poinsettia around your house for a christmas is a great idea. Find a hanging pot around your house, fill them with the poinsettia, then hang it! Especially in front of your house, to make it looks warm and full of peace.

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Decorating poinsettia is really flexible, you can also use a glass vase to place them in the center of the room.

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Colaborate the Poinsettia with Some Candles

Another brilliant idea to decorate poinsettia in your home is to colaborate them with some candles and another complementary decoration. Imagine the light from the candles shines through the poinsettia leaves, it will of course build a peaceful atmosphere.

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Did you know that there is also some variety of poinsettia that has bright pink and light green leaves? There is no doubt to bring this variety home and make them the decoration for christmas, yours will be full of happiness and love as the radiant of poinsettia radiates.

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